Antarctica Snow Turns into Green

Image: Nature Communications

As we know that climate change is the main concern now-a-days. Climate change is largely caused by human activities and it is a serious threat for nature as well as people now and for future. Rise in sea level, Global warming, change in weather all these activities are dependent on each other. Cutting down of trees, emission of greenhouse gas on a high-level lead to the climate change and it has many adverse effects on human life, animals, birds and many more. In one word we are digging a pit for us and for our future generation by emitting CO2 and other poisonous gases at high-level. These greenhouse gas gets trapped in upper layer of atmosphere and it is increasing the temperature very rapidly.

“The snow is multi-coloured in places, with a palette of reds, oranges and greens — it’s quite an amazing sight,” saysMatt Davey, an ecologist at the University of Cambridge.

This climate change has led to turn the colour of snow of Antarctica into green. Warming temperature due to climate change has helped in the formation of ‘algae’ on the snow of Antarctica. This green colour of the snow of Antarctica can be seen from space also. The presence of algae was noted long ago but the scientist took two years to study about it and the conclusion is ‘formation of green algae on the snow of Antarctica’.

1679 separate algae have been found, which are the key component in the continents, having the ability to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. These algae grow along the Antarctic Peninsula coastline, and this region is warmer than another region. It has been found that these microscopic algae are going to further spread with rise in temperature, from the month of November to February during summer, it is optimal condition for the growth of algae if the temperature is little more than zero degree Celsius.

According to the team who have done their study of the algae they say that the algae on peninsula currently absorbs levels of CO2 equivalent to 875,000 average car journeys. Till now it is not clear what will be the impact of these algae on the climate.

Read about green snow map.

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