Wetlands in Bihar are facing many environmental problems like overfishing, encroachment, arsenic pollution and administrative apathy. Several steps has been taken to conserve the water bodies in Bihar like banning construction within a stripe of land covering 200 meters of any water body. 

We are also looking forward to conserving water bodies because water conservation is an essential mission for the global community to deal with to keep the planet safe.........see more

To conserve not just the diminishing sparrow count around Bihar, but to save all the common birds and biodiversity found in our immediate environment. Our negligence for surroundings and habitats are often being overlooked and abused which led to report less footprints of these lives........see more

Intesification of water resource management system in South Bihar of India

As we know that Bihar is facing a huge water scarcity, especially in South Bihar. Reasons behind scarsity are low rainfall rate, over extraction of groundwater for irrigation and daily usage. So, in need to improve water resource management we are heading towards water resource management.