Sparrow Conservation Project

Project Details: -
Installation of artificial nesting for house sparrow and conservation & management in Nalanda, Bihar
Study location: – Nalanda district, Bihar
              Phase 1 installation in Nalanda district
             Phase 2 installation in Gaya, Nawada and Barbigha
             Phase 3 installation in North Bihar, Samastipur, Muzaffarpur, Darbhanga
             Phase 4 installation at mass level across Bihar 
Project execution and implementation organization: – Society for Environmental & Sustainable Development, Nalanda, Bihar
Supporting partner: - 
Mrs. Pratibha Tiwari
Bumisha Organics, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Shri Dharmendra Shukla
Jansahyog Foundation, Thane, Maharastra 
Aim of project: –
To conserve not just the diminishing sparrow count around Bihar, but to save all the common birds and biodiversity found in our immediate environment. Our negligence for surroundings and habitats are often being overlooked and abused which led to report less footprints of these lives.
The Society for Environmental & Sustainable Development, Nalanda, Bihar (The “Society”, hereafter) has decided to launch “Sparrow Conservation Project” by installing artificial wooden nest (minimum 100 in each districts of Bihar) for sparrow, along with it we have planned for distribution of 1,000 bird feeders to interested citizens, institutions and organizations across Nalanda.
Unique programme:- 
Describing “Sparrow Conservation Project” as a unique functional conservation programme involving common people, the “society” says the artificial nest and bird feeders, to be distributed free-of-cost in association with knowledge partner Bihar Paryavaran Sanrakshan Abhiyan, could be installed in homes, open yards, balconies and even office premises.
Besides installation and distribution of artificial nest and feeders, the “society” has lined up a series of events to promote conservation of sparrows. Among them will be the Sparrow Photography Competition, to be held next year on March 20, 2021 with all achievements and objectives for level up to be achieved in next planning.
Citizen groups will be encouraged to look after installation of nest and feeders, awareness program through bird walks/watching trips, public discussions, presentations and impromptu events at society, school, college, and locality and at district levels. Events carried out across Nalanda could be uploaded on official website.
Work done so far: 
Hare Ram Pandet Tetarawa Village, Bihars
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